We provide a highly accurate and precise analysis of the entire golf swing. A wide range of variables can be studied based on individual requirements, for example:

  • Posture
  • Shoulder and hip rotation
  • Sequence and timing of body motion
  • Wrist release angles
  • Clubhand speed and acceleration
  • Clubhead path

A 16-camera Vicon motion analysis system automatically tracks strategically-placed reflective markers on the body and club.

The swing can be reviewed interactively from any angle and at any speed.

Coaches work with our researchers to interpret key data and to assist their golfer's future training or coaching plan.

The 3D motion data is compared with the results of the physical screening to identify the effect of muscular weaknesses or range of motion limitations on a golfer's motion. Swing changes can be monitored over time to give tangible evidence of the positive impact of refined technique and improved physical condition. In addition, a player can benchmark their swing when performing at their peak for later comparison during a loss of form.