The Institute has a long tradition of working in golf with elite golfers, performance directors and coaches as well as working on golf products for leading manufacturers such as Callaway Golf and Maxfli. This long tradition forms the basis of both our golfer analysis service and coach education courses. Our education programmes provide PGA coaches with the knowledge and experience of the state-of-the-art equipment we use for research, which is quickly becoming an everyday part of golf.

The ProVantage golfer analysis service is uniquely tailored to the individual and is delivered by the experts responsible for the Institute's leading edge golf research programme. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with knowledge attained through our research, we can design individualised packages to improve golf performance. One size does not fit all in golf; we strive to make golfers more efficient by developing tailored training programmes based on evidence gathered from testing.

Physical limitations are identified through a physical screening process and related to a golfer's swing motion, measured using a highly accurate 3D motion analysis system. This process reveals the effect of any muscular weaknesses or range of motion limitations on a golfer's swing mechanics. The resulting ball flight is assessed using advanced ball tracking technology.

Once all of the data has been collated, the team consult to identify areas for improvement. Our recommendations are based on evidence present in the data and the solutions we provide can be easily understood and implemented by the player, both in the gym and on the course.