Archived News 2010

American Society of Biomechanics (ASB)

18th August – 21st August 2010

Dr Steph Forrester attended the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) conference in Providence, Rhode Island. The ASB conference brings together biomechanists working in different fields of application from sport and exercise science to engineering with a desire to develop biomechanics as an applied science. Dr. Forrester presented a poster entitled, "Metatarsophalangeal Joint Kinetics in Running and Jumping".

Professor Eric Wallace of Ulster University

22nd July 2010

Professor Eric Wallace of Ulster University visited the Sports Technology Institute following an invite to collaborate on Aimee’s PhD project. Eric has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of golf biomechanics and is currently Biomechanics Technical Adviser to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. He will be a major asset to the project.

The International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA)

12th July – 16th July 2010

The International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) conference took place in Vienna, Austria. ISEA is an International conference bringing together engineering knowledge aimed at improving sporting performance and sporting equipment. Jon presented a paper on "Development of a golf robot for simulating individual golfer's swings". In addition, another of his PhD students presented a paper on the "Development of a method for monitoring club head path and orientation throughout impact".

Vicon BodyBuilder Training Course

7th July – 8th July 2010

Aimee completed the Vicon BodyBuilder Training Course. Vicon BodyBuilder software allows scripting of biomechanical models to deduce such parameters as joint angles, velocities and much more, which will be specifically developed for the golfer and club.

Biomechanics Interest Group Meeting (BIG)

21st April 2010

Aimee attended the Biomechanics Interest Group Meeting (BIG) at the University of Bath campus. The BIG meetings are designed to facilitate the interaction of the sport and exercise science biomechanics community and provide an opportunity for biomechanists to present their work in a friendly atmosphere. Aimee presented a poster on some preliminary work looking at the "Repeatability of golf swing kinematics between-day and between-tester".