Archived News 2012

EGU Visit

20th December 2012

EGU visit the Sports Technology Laboratories

PGA filming

16th August – 17th August 2012

PGA filming for e-learning lectures.

ISEA Conference, Boston, MA

9th July 2012

The biennial International Sports Engineering Association conference took place in Lowell, MA.  The conference attracts delegates from all around the world with a keen interest in applying scientific and engineering principles to the sporting world.  Over 150 presenters took part and both Jon and Aimee presented work during the four day conference.

BBC Click World Filming

20th June 2012

The BBC Asia network filmed a short piece on the golf biomechanical analysis set-up which is part of the ProVantage service.  There was even time for the presenter to try her hand at golf for the very first time.

Wentworth BMW Championship

23rd May 2012

A very hot and sunny day was spent at the Wednesday practice day during the BMW championship in Wentworth.  Jonathan Yarwood was working with Michael Campbell during the tournament.

BSSM Charity Golf Day

8th May 2012

The Sports Technology Institute played host to the BSSM conference and supported a charity golf event at the local Park Hill course.  The golfers attending the day were able toassess their shots with Trackman and were provided with high speed footage of their swing courtesy of Photron.

Biomechanics Interest Group (BIG) meeting, Ulster University

4th April 2012

An annual event for biomechanists from across the country to present their recent research took place in Ulster University with Professor Eric Wallace.  Aimee presented her research following her qualitative analysis study investigating golf coaches’ perceptions of key technical parameters of the golf swing.  

New Packages

19th March 2012

Things have really moved on over the winter months here at ProVantage. We have created a whole new range of packages designed to get the maximum benefit out of your visit to us. We are offering an initial consultation where we can gather the facts on your body and swing and prescribe a course of action over a series of visits to improve any inefficiencies that we uncover. We now offer a half day and full day package which allows time to be physically screened and have the mechanics of your swing precisely captured using our VICON camera system. We have also added a phsyiotherapist, Rachel, and strength and conditioning coach, Bob, to our team to not only highlight and improve any physical limitations, but to create a workout to help improve your swing. 

C-motion user meeting, Loughborough University

28th February 2012

Aimee attended a C-motion user group meeting which provided useful insights into getting the most from the software Visual 3D when analysing biomechanical data.