The process is individually tailored through initial discussion to meet the golfer’s needs. However a typical session will look like this:

On arrival, the golfer and coach will meet informally with the ProVantage team to discuss the responses to a pre-visit questionnaire that they will have been asked to complete. This enables the team to ascertain the needs and expectations of player and coach as well as develop an understanding of their current approach. The first phase of testing is designed to identify any physical limitations of the golfer through a physical screening process. This initial phase, conducted by our physiology experts, reveals any muscular weaknesses or range of motion limitations. This process is extremely important and will form a vital part of the 'evidence' and 'facts' that we use to piece together an accurate picture of how an individual golfer's swing works.

The second phase is a 3D motion analysis using VICON wireless camera technology. Individual markers are carefully placed on vital joints to allow the technology to build a highly accurate, 'virtual' copy of a golfer's swing in 3D. During this process, force plates buried in the ground under each of the golfer's feet record ground pressures. This enables weight transfer and balance to be evaluated during the swing.

High-speed cameras are also used to record the golfer's swing providing clear, detailed images that enable the golfer and coach to visualise swing flaws.

As the analysis takes place in the controlled environment of our laboratory, ball flight is visualised using the latest ball tracking device, Trackman. Not only does this technology measure the initial ball launch conditions such as speed, spin rate and launch angle, from which the subsequent ball flight can be determined, but measurements of clubhead speed, path and orientation are also reported.

Once all of the data has been collated, the team consult to identify areas of improvement evident in the data. Performance by design, not luck!